Up to 85% loan to value(LTV) buy to let mortgages

85% loan to value (LTV) buy to let (BTL) mortgages

2 Years 85% LTV BTL Market round up.

85% loan to value buy to lets (BTL) are currently very limited compared to before the crash 8 years ago.

In fact for the last 2 years there has only been 1 lender offering 85% loan to value, on a Buy to Let (BTL) Mortgage. Give our Advisors a call, to discuss the latest up to date 85% BTL rates.

Over the last 2 years with have seen an increasing number of buy to let lenders lending up to 80% loan to value. Today, there are 9 buy to let lenders offering 60 mortgage products to 80% loan to value.

As the mortgage market continues to become competitive at the lower loan to value BTL mortgages and when mortgage lenders do not want to cut any further, the lenders' criteria can be expanded to include higher loan to value mortgages. I suspect there will be half a dozen buy to let mortgage lenders offering buy to let mortgage to 85% loan to value by the end of 2015.

However, you must consider the rental income must ensure the mortgage advance is affordable under the Buy to Let mortgage lenders 'rental affordability'. Most mortgage lenders assess the rental income against the loan advance on an interest only basis to ensure the rent covers the monthly mortgage payment plus 25%. This remaining 25% leaves an amount to cover additional landlord letting costs, rental voids and some profit.

This is in addition to mortgage lenders requiring evidence that you have a personal income to cover personal commitments, or typically a minimum £25,000 income.

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